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Don't go it alone!

Work with dozens of other students and our team to get your YouTube channel up and running.

In the 4 weeks of this cohort-based course, you’ll:

  • Get comfortable talking to a camera
  • Set up your YouTube channel correctly
  • Record, edit, and publish your first 4 YouTube videos
  • Create a plan to continue to create content and grow your channel
  • Have a plan to make the first $ from your YouTube content

1st live session: Tuesday, October 17th

Cohort 1 Launch Price: $197

Enroll before 11:59pm ET on April 30th to get a 30-minute 1-on-1 channel planning session with me.

4 Videos in 4 Weeks is for you if...

You’ve been thinking about starting a YouTube channel, but something has been holding you back such as:

  • You are uncomfortable speaking to a camera
  • You don’t have a camera to record your videos
  • You don’t know how to edit videos
  • You don’t know what you should make content about
  • You don’t know anyone else who’s starting a YouTube channel
  • Not sure how to make money from the time and effort you’d put into your videos

You’re a business owner or marketer looking for:

  • Consistent leads for your business
  • Another source of income
  • Want to become a thought leader in your industry

Don't wait any longer to start your YouTube channel

In case you’re not 100% convinced you should start a YouTube channel, here are just some of the benefits of creating content for YouTube

Can be a side hustle and later turn into a full-time income where you can work any time day or night that works with your current schedule

You can share your passion with the world

You can be found, YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine, you can create content that people are searching for and show up day in and day out in search results not only on YouTube but also in Google Search, bing, Brave search, DuckDuckGo and more.

You can meet like minded people who share your passions

You can position yourself as a thought leader / expert in your field and be invited to speak at conferences, on podcasts, and more.

Create a digital resume or portfolio showing off your talents

Develop confidence in speaking in front of a camera

Learn the valuable, skillset of recording, editing and publishing videos that could turn into a service you sell to others

Build a community of people who share a common interest

After completing 4 Videos in 4 weeks you'll...

Be comfortable speaking in front of a camera

A network of others new YouTube creators to continue to share ideas and grow your channels together

Know how to record, edit and publish YouTube videos and YouTube shorts

A plan to continue to grow your channel after the course ends

An understanding of how the YouTube algorithm works

4 videos published on your channel.

Your YouTube channel set up with banner, description, watermark, links to your social media


I’ve been in your shoes...

From a previous business, I realized the power of YouTube, but I wasn’t the one on camera.

I knew the benefits of creating content for YouTube, but I was afraid.

I always got really nervous, broke out in a sweat whenever a camera was pointed in my direction.

After seeing Laura, my business partner, have success growing an audience on YouTube in Spanish, I knew I needed to get over my fear and hit record on my first video.

The first few videos were really tough, I had to record when no one else was around. I couldn’t look at the footage and had someone else edit the videos.

Over time, I became more comfortable talking to a camera. I by no means consider myself completely comfortable where talking to a camera is as natural as talking to another person, but I found a way start and continue to record videos.

If you saw some of the raw footage, you’d see that sometimes it takes me 1-2 hours recording to have all the footage for a 6 minute YouTube video.

You know what, that doesn’t matter, what matters is does the video look good after all the bad takes, mistakes, etc. have been cut out and what you’re left with is the final video with just the best takes.

You’ll be surprised as I was to see how your video will be transformed after editing.

I’ve now recorded hundreds of videos for 2 YouTube channels as well as a lot of other video content. Laura and our team have easily recorded over 1,000 videos.

We currently have 5 YouTube channels that we’ve grown totaling close to 900,000 subscribers and millions of views.
We’ve also helped over 200 people launch their YouTube channels in Spanish.

What's you’ll learn in 4 Videos in 4 Weeks

Everything you need to know to get your channel up and running with your first YouTube videos + a plan to continue to create content and make money from your channel after the 4 week course ends.

There will be recorded videos, live sessions, worksheets and more covering the following topics:

1- How to create your Youtube channel

- How to choose a name for your channel

- What should be your profile picture

- How to choose a channel trailer video

- How to create playlists to fill out your channel page

- How to create a YouTube watermark to get more subscribers

2- How to come up with an infinite number of video ideas

3- How to record videos for YouTube

- How to record videos with your phone

- How to record videos with a camera

- How to improve the audio of your videos

- How to light your videos

4- How to edit videos for YouTube

- Tips to improve your editing

- DaVinci Resolve training

- Filmora training

- VN editing tutorial on your phone

5- How to publish a YouTube video

- How to upload your video

- Write the title for your YouTube video

- What to include in the YouTube video description

- Should you add chapters to your videos or not

- How to use cards and end screen to get more views- How to use cards and end screen to get more views

6- YouTube gear overview

- The basic video gear to get started on YouTube (your phone + a lav mic)

- What to buy when as your channel continues to grow

7- How to make money on YouTube with a small channel

8- Create a plan & stay organized to continue to growth on YouTube after the course

9- How to create YouTube shorts to supercharge your YouTube growth

9 Live Sessions + Bonus Live Sessions

The goal of this course is for you to work alonside your peers to create your first 4 videos. In each session, I'll walk you through the most important topics to help you come up with video ideas, record, edit and publish your first 4 videos.

There are some more specific or less important topics such as how to create a YouTube watermark for your channel probably won't be covered in the live session, but a tutotial will be added to the course platform walking you through step by step how to create one.

Each session will be approximately 90 minutes, I'll plan to present for 75 minutes and leave at least 15 minutes for questions at the end. I'll stick around longer to answer questions. I want to make sure that during the 4 weeks I'm available to answer any questions you have in the live sessions or within the community platform.

Here's a list of the session dates for the first cohort of 4 Videos in 4 Weeks:

Session #1 (Oct 17th): Welcome Call (Class Overview, How YouTube Works, Your Channel Setup)

Session #2 (Oct 19th): Endless YouTube Video Ideas for Small Channels, Get clicks with Great Titles & Thumbnails

Session #3 (Oct 24th): What to say in your videos & How to Record YouTube Videos with your Phone

Session #4 (Oct 26th): How to edit your first YouTube video

Session #5 (Oct 31st): Step by step how to publish your YouTube video

Session #6 (Nov 2nd): Record, Edit, Publish Q&A 1

Session #7 (Nov 7th): Record, Edit, Publish Q&A 2

Session #8 (Nov 9th): How to make money on YouTube without being monetized

Session #9 (Nov 14th): How to grow your channel after the course ends

What's included in this cohort of 4 Videos in 4 Weeks

9 Live Sessions

The most important topics to help you create your first 4 videos will be covered in the live sessions to make sure everyone is on the same page, ready to execute between sessions. If you can't attend live, session recordings will be uploaded to the course platform.

Recorded Step-by-Step Tutorials

Everything you need to know about getting started on YouTube for you to go through at your own pace.

YouTuber Community Platform

Share your progress, ask questions, interact with your peers to help you stay motivated and on track to publish your first YouTube videos

+ Bonuses

One-on-One Channel Planning Session with Me $100

In a 30-minute video call we will plan the launch of your channel. I’ll help you come up with your first video ideas, answer any questions about getting started on YouTube and get your channel ready to grow.

YouTube Channel Prelaunch Worksheet $10

Choose a name

Refine the focus of your channel

Find what motivates you to have your channel

Set some initial goals for your channel

Discover what your audience wants out of a channel like yours

Differentiate your channel from the competition

Channel branding resources

And more to help you get your channel ready to take off

YouTube Video Checklist $5

Make sure you have everything in order before uploading videos to YouTube to make sure YouTube

YouTube Video Gear Guide $5

Getting started with your phone

When to upgrade your gear and in what order

When is enough enough, don’t go overboard buying things you don’t need

Video Podcast Training $47

We recently launched a video podcast for our personal finance channel > enough. We’ll walk you through our process for recording 1 weekly episode and by using the one podcast episode to create daily YouTube videos + videos for Shorts, TikTok & Instagram reels as well as for your blog, Pinterest and more.

Vertical Video Training $47

Shorts, Reels and TikTok videos are one of the quickest ways to grow an audience in 2023, so for that, we’ll walk you through how we use our long-form YouTube videos to create videos for YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels and Tiktok as well as step by step tutorial on how we create 1 video that can be used for 3+ platforms.

Organization Training $47

Stay organized so you can consistently create content online. Learn to use Notion to keep track of ideas for videos, the stage of content you’re working on as well as all of your to-dos.


Why sign up for 4 Videos in 4 Weeks

1. Community:

your friends, family, colleagues may think it's strange that you're starting a YouTube channel, maybe that's one of the reasons why you don't already have a channel. With this course you'll be with dozens of others who are just getting started like you, you can share your questions, fears, progress with a community that will give you constructive feedback helping you push forward to build the channel you've been dreaming about.

2. Live sessions and feedback from Jeff and TheFigCo team:

Sure there are lots of free content on YouTube about how to start a YouTube channel, but you're still without a channel. We will go through each of the parts of starting a channel and creating your first videos in live sessions, there will be time for you to ask your questions to us during the live sessions as well asa within the community, where we'll be responding to questions and giving feedback on your progress throughout the course.

3. Step-by-Step Plan & Instructions to Get Started on YouTube:

Detailed instructions on every step of the process to create your channel, record and publish your first 4 videos. You'll leave the course with a roadmap to continue to create content, grow your channel and make money from your content.

Don't miss out on this offer, it'll only be available for the first cohort of 4 Videos in 4 Weeks

1. More Live Sessions:

This is the first time we're teaching this course in English, we have over 200 students in the Spanish version of his course, but being it's the first time, we will be covering all of the content in 10 live sessions so you get lots more live contact with myself and the team to make sure every question gets answered.

2. Start Before YouTube is More Competitive:

Now is the time to start on YouTube. I started my personal finance channel (Greater Than Enough) a year ago and was able to grow it in my spare time to over 2,500 subscribers. In 2023, there will be even more ways to make money from your YouTube content being that in Feb 2023, YouTube will start putting ads on YouTube Shorts and split that money with creators. This could cause a lot of people who create content for Instagram Reels and TikTok to start to create content on the platform, why not get started a head of that?

3. Launch Bonuses:

that will not only help you with your first 4 videos, you'll also have resources to plan out your future content to continue to grow on the platform throughout 2023 and beyond a. Video podcast so you can sit down to record 1 long video per week and have a daily video for YouTube + multiple videos for YouTube Shorts, Reels & TikTok. Minimize your time spent, maximizing your content output. b. YouTube Shorts, TikTok & Instagram Reels workshop. Learn how we create content for these growing format types. The nice thing with this content type is that it doesn't matter how many subscribers or followers you have, if you have a good content, your video could be shown to thousands or even millions of people. c. Stay organized with Notion. Save your content ideas, choose what to publish, write outlines/scripts and manage

4. 30-Minute 1-on-1 Channel Launch Session with Me:

Are you not sure the focus of your channel, if you purchase today, you'll get 30-minute find your channel focus call with me to talk through your ideas for your channel.

4 Videos 4 Weeks FAQ

If you don't find the answer to your question below, feel free to send a message. In the bottom right of the screen you should see a picture of me, submit your question there or send us an email to and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Do I need to know how to record videos?

No. We'll walk you through how to record your very first video with your mobile phone

Do I need experience editing videos?

No, you don't need to know anything about video editing, we'll show you how to edit videos with several different software/apps for either a computer, phone or tablet.

Do I need to invest in camera gear to be on YouTube?

I got started on YouTube recording videos with my iPhone 6S. You can start creating content with your phone. We'll also give you a guide on upgrading your video gear, but we recommend getting started with what you have.

Will you be offering this course again?

Yes, we will have another cohort of the course later in 2023, but it won't include many of these bonuses and there will be fewer live sessions.

When does this cohort of the course start and end?

The first live session of this cohort is on Thursday, January 5th and the last session of the 4 weeks is on February 4th. The bonus sessions will begin the week of February 6th.

Can I purchase this course as a gift?

Yes, after making the purchase, send an email to letting us know who the gift is for and when you’d like us to give them access to the course. We’ll manually change the course access from you to the gift recipient.

How much time do I need to dedicate each week to reach the goal of publishing my first 4 YouTube videos?

I would plan on setting aside 5-10 hours per week to attend the sessions and work on your YouTube channel each week. If you get busy during the course and fall behind, you will have access to all the recordings so you can review the classes and publish your videos after the course ends.

Let's Launch Your YouTube Channel Together!



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